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Please always know you are amazing. What ever you are going through or have done their are people who want to help. I am one. Honestly I will listen whenever x



n. a performer of miracles or magic feats.

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for your about me: hi i'm charlie and i love sherlolly to death. oh and i'm a amazing and wonderful person who has a perfect blog ok bye.

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"You want dominion over the living, yet all you do is kill!"
Oh! Mr. Grumpy. Bad combo. No sense of humor”
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Just going through the process of saying goodbye was difficult.”

Hey, (so I'm about to sound like one of those crazy in-your-face vegans so I'm sorry) but I am vegetarian, and I highly recommend that you give it a try. Even ignoring how horrible the meat industry treats the animals, vegetarian/vegan is a much healthier lifestyle. As long as you're careful and make sure you get protein from other sources, it's very helpful at keeping you away from unhealthy meats (think mcdonalds, or meats that are only partially meat and partially who knows what)

No you don’t sound crazy or in my face,

I would defo give it a try! Totally! I would prefer it tbh but my family are big meat eaters and with my current health they want me to have as much protein as quickly as I can.

If you have any more like info on the matter I would LOVE to hear about it x

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