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One day im gonna be dead. Isn’t that just the best


Today it was over 30! The sun is out! The eagles are migrating back north! We have only 56 inches of snow on the ground! Spring has finally arrived to Michigan!

Time for the Sherlolly Bunny Giveaway!

First place receives a little Sherlock and Molly Bunny as well as TWO other bunnies! Do you need a Moriarty Bunny to imperial our heroes? A John Bunny to help solve your cases? A Mycroft Bunny to help you eat cake? You decide!

Second place receives a Sherlock and Molly Bunny!

Third place receives a Bunny of your favorite Sherlock character!

To win, please fill out the survey here. The survey is open to all and will close on April 18. I will be contacting winners on April 19 and will need a reply by April 22 or a new winner shall be chosen.

All I need is at least one way to contact you (your tumblr user name, e-mail, whatever you like) and to tell me (briefly) why you ship Sherlolly. Only a sentence or two will do! For all winners the bunnies can be made in the yarn of your choice in white, brown, black or grey (white and grey pictured above). After your bunnies are completed to your specifications I’ll ship them off to you and yes I will ship internationally! Per tumblr rules you do NOT have to be a follower of mine to win, but if you are that would be lovely!

(Also, forgive my crappy pictures and that Shezza Bunny’s hair is so wild. The yarn for his deerstalker is on order still and I didn’t want to attach his ears or give him his final haircut before the final version of his hat was done.)

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask! So good luck to all, have a Happy Spring, and good luck!


Hello and welcome to the Cute Nose Network (this wasn’t just made cause Charlie has the best nose in existence)

This is basically a next work for people who like myself and Estefi  think Loo and Jenna are tooooooooo cute!

  • Must be following Lou and Jenna
  • Must reblog this post
  • Ask box must be open
  • Likes don’t count
  • Track #tcnnetwork
  • Fell free to ask us any questions x

If you get in:

  • You will need to be ok to give us ur email, an icon and description
  • You can have promos when requested
  • You will hopefully make friends while we talk bout two beu babes!

My blog just reached 100,000.  blinks!

I try constantly to get people to send me prompts like they do you, but my followers never do. Any advice? w
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Ok well ummmm idk

I mean maybe if you I mean if you tag it people in the tag can see it? I guess, Sorry I’m ridiculously lucky to have all my citizens and they are the best

Hey ask me whenever just send me a ship! I will give u any x

sherlolly prompt: with the coming of their new baby the watsons decide to have a naming contest which soon turns into a battle between sherlock and molly, and they will do anything to distract the other from putting a name onto the board, where they have to enter all of their ideas :)

The Watsons sat in Greg’s office and watched as Molly and Sherlock as well as some other friends put up names on a board. It was VERY amusing. Sherlock had of course thousand of girl names stuffed away in his mind palace as was just trying to find them, but his problem was he would quickly shout it out causing Molly to quickly write down even the most unusual of names. The consistency of this bored the rest of the onlookers and they soon left. 

Mary chuckled as her two friends had a stare off. Sherlock shouted out. “Angela!” Molly listed her pen but soon Sherlock was in front of her and his lips were pressed on hers. For a moment Molly considered smacking him away but then she heard his pen fall to the ground and his arms wrapped around her thin waist pulling her closer. John was partially surprised when Molly grabbed the man’s lapels and tugging him as close as possible while his wife rubbed her large stomach. When the pair broke apart he said. “D-do you wanna right it up?”

Grinning she held onto his hand. “Nah! I mean what are the chances that it’s that?”

With that they walked out together hand in hand, heading towards a cab. “Should we tell them that we have yet to deicide a name, Mrs Watson?”

With a chuckle and lots of effort Mary lifted herself from her seat. “Nah. Tell you what though. I have the perfect name for out child now.”

Crossing his arms and leaning his head slightly he smiled. “Oh yeah?”

"Yeah." John grabbed his coat from the back of his chair and ran to open the door for his wife. "How does Angela sound to you?"

Trying out the words he said “Angela Watson. I love it.”

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